Do you know 10% of the physician revenue is estimated to be stuck due to inappropriate billing of charges?

Charge entry is the most sensitive of all departments in medical billing. This department holds the key to a successful claim filing.

Why is it so Sensitive?

Charge entry determines the pay out for a medical procedure. One misplaced code or inappropriate usage of modifier could poison the entire claim.

Promaestro improves your productivity & collections while capturing all charges

We will assign a dedicated Account Manager who is one point of contact for all your needs; and answerable for every ebb and flow of the billing pattern.

Our Expertise have grown to such an extent that feasibility lies in letting an Account’s Manager who can solely concentrate and handle all the billing needs, hence responsible for procuring maximum revenue for your practice in turn ensuring Maximum Reimbursement!!

Our Billing center creates the charge in the system after review and verification by Certified Professional Coders (CPC designation) of the coding & submits the claims electronic except where required by the insurance carrier.

By streamlining redundant data entry, you can refocus your time on higher impact activities in your other daily activities & we set up:

  • Fee schedule management & variance reporting
  • Contract and enter charges quickly,
  • Check codes against payer reimbursement buss rules
  • Track every encounter from appointment scheduling to insurance claim submission.

We are Maestros in performing charge entry procedures. The team is up-to-date on medical code updates and pay scale (fee) changes. Our capability to update to recent changes in charges and codes will exceed your expectations.

Our Charge Entry solutions establish compliant charging protocols including defensible, competitive prices to improve net revenue through accurate and complete charging.  Furthermore, our technology links the supply chain to the revenue cycle and updates acquisitions costs on a regular basis to help providers justify prices in relation to costs. 

We present daily, weekly and monthly reports on charges log sheets, concerns and the recommended remedy for missing information.

To learn more about how Promaestro Charge Entry services can save your money and recover your lost revenue please fill out the form to the right of this page or call our office @ 214-613-7271.