We understand that the most important part of your medical billing and collection in an outsourced model is reports. Giving priority to your bottom line, Promaestro offers quality services in generating medical billing reports, customized as per your practice's needs. As a leading medical billing company in the US, we provide premium quality services for our valued clients.

Comprehensive Medical Billing Services with Utmost Security

We provide medical billing services with utmost security, following all HIPAA regulations to protect your sensitive data. PROMAESTRO provides daily, weekly and monthly reports, thus keeping you updated on all aspects. Once you are our valued client, we can give you customizable reports.

 Daily Reports

These include daily call status, daily billing status, collection receipts, gross A/R on that date, total value of insurance receipts, write offs and more. The report can be customized to your needs. We also provide reports on what is necessary to run your daily operations smoothly.

 Weekly Reports

Weekly reports would include a daily and weekly call status, daily and weekly billing status and collection reports. This report can be customized according to your needs. During this time we will also provide reports on what is necessary to run the weekly operations. A bi-weekly telephone meeting can be conducted to evaluate progress.

 Month-End Reports

Monthly reports would include a set of financial reports, procedure code usage reports and aged summary reports. These would allow us to assess the momentum that has been achieved in a month and/or see where there is a pattern of nonpayment. Monthly meetings and on request, video conferencing will be conducted.

We assure that the informative medical billing reports we provide are accurate and easy to read so that you can make proper financial analysis and comparisons, and use them for any other need you may have in mind. You can thoroughly check what has been billed, how much is not yet billed, what collections have been made, A/R, A/R aging, procedure code analysis, insurance analysis, payment analysis, bulk pending issues and much more. For example, any claim beyond the 60 day pending needs to be acted upon and if it is pending for clarification, the respective account manager at the center must be informed so that remedial steps can be initiated.

 Year-End Medical Billing Reports:

At the time of closing of fiscal year or year-end, Promaestro provides you with a customized year-end financial reports package which allows you to closely track your practice’s financial health & can be customized to meet your specific needs for financial analysis, including comparison to state averages & national averages.

We meet with you and your office staff on a yearly basis to personally review each report and answer your questions. Our informative medical billing reports are clear, concise and easy to read and can be customized to meet your specific needs for financial analysis, including comparison to national averages.

To find out more about our services regarding medical billing reports, feel free to contact us at any time at 1-214-613-7271. We extend our outsourcing services to all states in the US.

Our Customer Support

Regular customer support is included for all of the services we provide, at no extra cost. This includes communication by phone or email to answer any questions you may have regarding billing issues, client balances, claim status, etc. 

This support is available during regular business hours. You can also get unlimited reporting at no charge. You have 24 hour access to all patients, claims and reporting data through the practice management system, also at no charge.

We pride ourselves on offering outstanding customer service. Each practice is assign to a Dedicated Primary Account Manager, who is the first contact, if you have any question. We will provide you with both an e-mail address and a direct contact phone line for your billing inquries.

Each practice also has a dedicated Secondary Account Manager assigned who is also very familiar with you practice, in case the Primary Account Manager is sick or on vacation.

You will have contact information for the Secondary Account Manager as well.

In addition, you always have the option of contacting our CEO anytime if there are more involved issues or concerns.

If you have additional or extensive customer support requirements, or if you require customer support outside of regular business hours, we offer more comprehensive and after-hours support plans as well, at no additional charge.