Do you know a medical practice loses approximately 7% of its revenue annually due to typo errors in demographics entry?


  • Poor quality data entry leads to bad business decisions.
  • Faulty Data-entry is another common cause of lost revenue.
  • It’s easy to make small errors that can further lead to rejected claims.


Promaestro closely monitors SPELLINGS while entering Patient names & rest of the patient’s demographic information!!

Managing internal demographic entry operations for physician offices is a pain in the neck!!

Promaestro Analysis of spelling errors while entering patient details with typographical errors:

To reduce errors, our competent demo entry team with best in the industry typing skills and knowledge with typing in Multiple EMRs/EHRs and Practice Management Softwares work uninterrupted in as quiet an areas as possible while entering demographics with 100% quality.

Faster Payments, no hassle. Rely on our proven combination of our patented Billing business rules Engine and expert staff to get 95% of your claims paid the first time.

Save thousands of dollars a year while relieving your practice staff of some of its most tedious and time-consuming tasks. Too good to be true? Not if you use our solutions to eradicate data entry errors while creating claims.

Our Demographic Entry capabilities include the following:

Ability to work off scanned images as well as Electronically Submitted Demographic Entry sheets

Ability to correctly process patient personal information, insurance Information (selecting appropriate Payer IDs/Mailing Addresses etc) as necessary including HMOs, PPOs & IPAs.

Our Demographic Entry process works using the following method: 

STEP 1: Demographic information can be either scanned to us by uploading in a secured FTP server, faxing or by sending e-mails so that documents can be displayed directly on Promaestro’s terminal for processing.

STEP 2: Our people access the information via the Server (or directly from Software Screen as the case may be) and enter information directly into the client software

STEP 3: We perform internal Quality Assurance at three Levels

We present daily, weekly and monthly reports on patient log sheets, concerns and the recommended remedy for missing information.

To learn more about how Promaestro Demographic Entry services can save your money and recover your lost revenue please fill out the form to the right of this page or call our office @ 214-613-7271.