Do you know 5% of the revenue loss which can be minimized by electronic claims submissions?

electronic claims submission has lead to a lot more accountability and resposnibility in the billing process!!

With Promaestro automate your claims process to cut back costs and hassles

Save thousands of dollars a year while relieving your practice staff of some of its most tedious and time-consuming tasks. Too good to be true? Not if you use electronic claims submissions. Automating your claims submission process can:

  • Minimize claim rejections and resubmissions
  • Deliver your claims to health insurers in real time
  • Expedite payer responses and boost your cash flow
  • Free up time for revenue-enhancing functions, such as ensuring correct payment
  • Reduce your claims submission costs by over 55%

Stay on top of your outstanding claims, while slashing costs

Long lead times receiving payment on your claims can put a crimp in your practice’s operations. But keeping track of outstanding claims manually can be expensive and time-consuming. Determining the status of your claims electronically can:

  • Substantially decrease associated costs by 90%
  • Keep you informed about your outstanding claims, and about any potential snags that need your attention
  • Streamline your claims processing
  • Cut back time spent calling health insurers, waiting on hold, or searching payers’ Web sites for updates
  • Free up time for revenue-enhancing functions, such as ensuring correct payment

Electronic Submission of Claims:

By the way of electronic claims, it is easy to reach out more than 2,500 government payers and private insurance companies. The traditional way of paper claims can be added as a supplementary to support the process. Also with this electronic claims submission process, getting updates on the status of the claims has been made easy. At Promaestro, the method of electronic claims submission has enabled our clients to transmit their claims instantly, bringing down the processing time to a great extent. This in turn reduces their credit risk and at the same time boosts up their cash flow management.

Submitting Primary And Secondary Electronic Claims:

Once the Charge Entry process is done, we authenticate your claims against government and other payer rules and regulations. On completing the above procedure, we process your primary and secondary electronic claims in the ANSI 837P format to more than 2,500 government and other private insurance companies and payers countrywide. Promaestro uses world-class medical billing software through which we submit electronic claims directly from within the software. We have tie-ups with thousands of insurance companies all over the country. Your electronic claims processing is done in a very short span of time, lesser than 24 hours many a times. We assist you in the entire process right from charge entry till the fullest re-imbursement from the payer.

We present daily, weekly and monthly reports on charges log sheets, concerns and the recommended remedy for missing information.

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