Getting Started With ProMaestro:

Our startup team works with you on every step ensure a smooth transition.

Access to Data Remotely:

We can connect to your database through secured VPN or bridge connections. For exchange of information like superbills, EOBs, medical records etc; we can provide a dedicated secured FTP server through which the documents can be uploaded & simultaneously downloaded in an encrypted format at both the ends.

Going Live:

Our Team ensures that the setup has been completed before we Go Live. We closely monitor every batch of claims that are submitted to ensure that the setup done is functionally foolproof.

How We Handle the Billing Process


Who enters the data?

Our Certified Professional Coders & Billers enter the data.

Each practice is assigned a Dedicated Primary Account Manager, who is the first point of contact. We will provide you with the direct phone line and e-mail ID of your Account Manager for any queries.

Each practice also has a dedicated Secondary Account Manager assigned who is also familiar with you practice that ensures a backup for your process.

You will have contact information for the Secondary Account Manager as well.

How do we exchange patient data and other information?

Options include electronic transmissions, fax and e-mail. We customize information exchange in each case to suit your practice needs.

How does claims follow-up work?

You are relieved of the burden about claims paid, claims denied and receivable claims. We have a very thorough system which ensures claims are received in a timely manner by payers. We contact the payers and follow up on the claims that have been submitted, that are not paid, less paid or denied.

How do payments get posted?

We receive an electronic remittance advice which shows the payments received, and we can import this directly into EMR system. We post the payment based on EOB information. Whether the claim is paid electronically or by check, the payments are posted, we follow up immediately on any denials or claims paid at low rate. For patient payments, you send us a list of payments received and we post into the system.

What about patient billing and patient phone calls?

We keep track of any amounts owed by your patients that include co-pays, deductibles…etc. We mail monthly statements to your patients.

How does ProMaestro get paid?

We charge a percentage on the total collections of the practice per month. We will send you an invoice each month.

What about reports?

We provide daily, weekly & monthly reports. We design your own custom reports quickly and easily that will download directly into an Excel spreadsheet.

Customer Support

Our courteous, professional staff is easily reachable by e-mail and phone. And they are always happy to answer to any of your queries.

Give us a call at 214.613.7271 to schedule a meeting to explore the specific ways our services can drive better results for your practice in order to implement or consult ICD-10 Coding.