ICD-10-CM/PCS Implementation

ProMaestro is here to partner with you and help with your ICD-10-CM/PCS Cost Effective Consulting, training and implementation.

We've created a set of tasks specifically for the ICD-10 transition, to give you a clear picture.

Your practice Promaestro
Learn about the ICD-10 update Will dedicate a team to create and execute a formal readiness program
Identify and Empower an ICD-10 Team within your practice Refine and test all workflows, interfaces and reporting. Seamlessly integrate ICD-10 without disruption to claims, Pay-for-Performance programs, and clinical transactions
Assess the capabilities of the different vendor systems used by your practice and start asking these vendors how they will prepare for ICD-10 Work directly with payers and clearinghouses to define and execute a testing schedule.
Develop a plan to train staff—in coding and billing—on new documentation requirements. Submit ICD-10 codes to payers and clearinghouses, according to their schedules
Review your payer contracts, schedules and reimbursement programs to determine the impact ICD-10 may have on payer reimbursement rates Rollout an ICD-10-compliant network to all clients via billing software.
Assign budget (time and cost) for training and documentation Work with payers to gather and analyze ICD-10 intelligence.

Create Awareness
We assess your clinical and administrative staff training needs
Identify and empower your ICD-10 team.
Watch for and share periodic updates.

Plan, Scope, and Budget:
Identify and design the workflows that would change at your practice.
Budget for time and costs.
Monitor release communications to stay informed about the functions associated with ICD-10.
Review the common diagnosis codes and analyze how they would change in ICD-10

Transition to ICD-10
Train your staff on your new documentation requirements.
Train your staff on new coding requirements.
Update provider on documentation and workflows, as necessary.
Update your practice superbills, as necessary.
Monitor release communications to stay informed about the functions associated with ICD-10.
Review contracts to gauge impact on reimbursement rates.
Implement custom rules to review complex coding situations.
Monitor your practice metrics, to provide QA feedback.

We closely monitor the results of all testing and claim performance on an ongoing basis, in order to minimize the financial and procedural impact of ICD-10.

With ProMaestro as your service partner you are:

  • Ensured to stay focused on patient care
  • Assured of compliance
  • Profitable

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