Do you know 75% of all Denials are due to lack of Patient’s Eligibility?

  • Improper verification of insurance can increase claim denials
  • One in every five medical claims are processed inaccurately by health Insurers
  • Health Insurance Companies as a whole have about 80% accuracy rate in processing & paying claims

We save 25% in costs per physician by implementing thorough insurance eligibility and verification in real-time even before a patient walks into your clinic. This allows your staff to spend more time with patients rather than paper work resulting in more “HAPPY PATIENTS” walking out of your practice.

Our Real-Time Insurance Eligibility Verification is done using various means:

  1. Verifying eligibility via Web (insurance online portals)
  2. Verifying eligibility via IVR systems
  3. Verifying eligibility by Calling Insurance Companies.

To learn more about how Promaestro Insurance Eligibility Verification services can save your money and recover your lost revenue please fill out the form to the right of this page or call our office @ 214-613-7271.