Are EHRs making your Patients angry?

We work with your staff and eliminate the hassles of Patient Billing

As health care costs continue to rise, patients are being required to pay more and more of those costs out of their own pockets in the form of higher premiums, deductibles and copayments. Consumer-directed health care plans are also becoming more popular. This means that your practice must derive a growing portion of their revenue from direct payments by patients, an often aggravating process that involves significant work, hassle, and cost. If your practice hesitates to employ aggressive patient collections practices for fear of damaging your clinical or personal relationship with patients, then you're more willing to write-off a balance than pursue aggressive tactics.

Promaestro eliminate the hassles of overseeing Patient Billing or simply want to identify and value your patients self-pay revenues.

  • No more patient confusion and frustration
  • Collect More from Patients without Hurting Satisfaction
  • We notifies your staff 24-48 hours prior to patient's visit Of Financial responsibility
  • We handle all patient billing inquiries that will eliminate Administrative headaches and allow your staff to focus on patient care

Key Benefits

Rely on our Staff to reduce your workload:

When your staff spends less time answering the phone and more time seeing patients, your quality of care improves—and so does your bottom line. Our patient billing service, reduces your staff's outbound and inbound calls by offering our messaging solutions based on your practice needs. Now you have a more efficient, cost-effective way to enhance patient payments and keep schedule openings filled.

  • Improve care while filling your schedule: Promaestro delivers benefits to your patients and your practice. Our service sends reminders automatically to patients regarding their obligations and balances.
  • Speed up payments and increase cash flow: Revolutionizing the way that small and medium-sized businesses and organizations handle their Accounts Receivable! Let Promaestro help you Accelerate your payments and improve your cash flow.
  • Eliminate the back and forth: With our service, time-consuming phone tag becomes a thing of the past. Patient statements are sent directly and securely to patients via e-mail and mail.
  • Access and service, beyond business hours: When your staff heads out for the day, our live operators keep the lines of communications open between you and your patients. Our staff has real-time access to your practice management system screens your office uses daily. That way, they're always in-the-know and ready to help patients with their queries regarding bill payments and other requests.
  • Make self-pay work better for you and your patients: The rise of the patient self-pay burden has created a growing level of frustration fueled by low collection rates and written-off revenue. For patients, there is confusion over billing and lack of convenient payment options. Promaestro delivers the technology and services to you and your patients easily and successfully.
  • Soft reminders, bottom-line results: Reduce the snags and delays in self-pay billing—and save on the cost of paper statements—with our Self-Pay Reminder Service. The technology sends out customized balance due reminders to patients via phone and "soft collection" messages via email.
  • A patient web portal for faster collections: Improve the speed and quantity of your collections from self-pay accounts with a patient web portal integrated to your PMS/EHR system that incorporates your practice's logo and branding. It makes patients more likely to pay, by making it easier for them to pay. With just a few clicks, they can view an e-statement and submit a payment—24/7, 365 days a year.

Interested in seeing Promaestro in action? Click here for a demo by one of our sales representatives.

How we are different

The power of Promaestro networked knowledge

Promaestro can help reduce no-shows, improve self-pay collections, and boost schedule density. All of these benefits are cost-effectively delivered through our cloud based technology services and medical billing software.

Promaestro Your office Staff
Automated appointment reminders sent to patients via their preferred method—phone, e-mail, or text message -help you reduce paper costs with less work. Your staff assumes the burden of managing patient billing by making appointment reminder calls to patients. If that is not feasible, you have to pay for an outsourced reminder call service, which may not have access to the same information as your staff.
You optimize self-pay collections and save staff time by using triggered self-pay reminders that allow patients to connect with a live operator or pay via your patient web portal It falls on your staff to repeatedly call patients about outstanding balances. Alternatively, you must pay for a collections service or write off debt.
You can boost schedule density and secure additional revenue opportunities by using automated messages to connect with patients who are overdue for visits or in need of routine care. Your staff may be required to perform the time-consuming work of reaching out to patients for appointments and routine care reminders.
Your patient communications suite is integrated on a single platform with your clinical and revenue cycle services, ensuring that you always have the right information when and where you need it. Your patient web portal may not integrate well with separate practice management and EHR systems, leading to redundant work, poor data flow, and interoperability.

Patient Pay Solutions

Over the past five years, patient payment responsibility has increased 300 percent and you are now beginning to experience the impact on finances and operations.

Recovery rates for the patient pay segment can be as low as 3 to 5 percent or less, but with many businesses discovering that their patient pay portfolios are suddenly averaging one-third or more of their entire payer mix, physicians need to expect and demand more of their billing services.

Patients deserve more and better communications, increased clarity and less confusion about the broader billing process.

Our sophisticated and proprietary patient pay solution connects with patients immediately after care through personalized, multi-channel communications, and the results speak for themselves.

Stronger reimbursement on patient balances while creating a better patient experience.

Before your patients ever receive a bill, our Pro-Accelerator solution has a proprietary process to connect with them.

Promaestro connects with patients immediately after care through personalized, multi-channel communications.

Our solution sits on top of your existing billing services: there's no need to change billing companies.

With Promaestro there's no need to disrupt your current billing processes, prepare for a lengthy and intrusive implementation process, and no upfront costs whatsoever. Best of all, Promaestro doesn't change the way physicians see patients; it's simply the most effective way to maximize reimbursement and enhance the patient experience.

A patient-first approach that extends beyond medical care itself – that's Promaestro.