Practice Analysis - Key Performance Indicators: Do you know yours?

Do you know what you are leaving on the table?

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Outcomes from some of our Medical Practices Clients include:

  • Increased collections by in excess of 12% to 18% more over three months based on implementing recommendations in Family practice’s billing department as part of a comprehensive Medical Practice Assessment.
  • $60,000 in increased collections per year based on a medical fee schedule analysis and alterations in the physician practice’s billing processes.
  • Discovered $440,000 in missed charges per year in a six physician specialty group.

Remember, it’s still on your system and we can still collect it and improve outcomes. Promaestro makes it possible and even easy.

Boost Your Practice's bottom line!!

Promaestro has worked with a myriad of medical practices and groups, and what we have found over the years is that most practices would greatly benefit from a check-up when it comes to Medical Billing and Practice Management. Most billing companies promise to boost revenue but ask you to trust them with your business first... There is a better way to kick Promaestro's tires and see the real value that we will bring to your practice: a free Practice Analysis Scorecard.

PROMAESTRO has developed a simple, powerful, "best practice"-driven analysis that will help you to score your practice's Medical Billing state and opportunities in order to collect more fees. Our Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management experts will evaluate your medical practice or group literally for no cost and with no contractual commitment.

Once complete, we guarantee that we will identify some areas of success and improvement in your billing process. There is no commitment on your end, and when complete, you will discover why Promaestro's clients are very satisfied with the results.

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What You Get from Promaestro's Free Practice Analysis Scorecard:

PROMAESTRO performs a detailed financial review of your medical practice's or group's financial health: We compare key metrics in your billing to benchmarks from both Promaestro's client results and national data from organizations like the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA)

Vital success metrics are examined and explained in plain language: We use the following metrics to score your practice against our internal and national standards:

Net Collection Rate: The net collection rate reveals the percentage of what you got paid versus what you possibly could have been paid

PROMAESTRO Rate: The PROMAESTRO rate sometimes called the first pass resolution rate (FPRR), is the percentage of claims paid out of the gate on first submission

Percentage of A/R over 120 days: Looking at all accounts receivable from patients and insurance carriers/payers, this metric shows the percentage of A/R that is older than 120 days (and on the way to a write-off)

Days Revenue Outstanding (DRO): The DRO metric evaluates the average time it takes to collect one full work day's charges at your practice

Average Reimbursement per Encounter: The average reimbursement per encounter details the average revenue generated by the practice or group for each patient visit

Average Reimbursement per Charge: The average reimbursement per charge uncovers the average amount a practice or group collects for every procedure performed

A detailed report is delivered to your practice, free of charge: Promaestro will then provide your practice or group with a professional report highlighting not only how you are doing against general industry benchmarks, but our Practice Analysis Scorecard will also rate your performance against other practices or groups in your specialty. We will walk you through the data, and show you where billing services like PROMAESTRO can make a real difference in your bottom line!

Valued easily at more than $3,000, our free Practice Analysis Scorecard is a win-win for your practice. Email us or call 214.613.7271 today to schedule your complimentary analysis from Promaestro— and find out why "Every Claim Counts".

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